One of our stories

I read the Bible again after university. I had many questions. I also read about the history of the Bible: who wrote it? Did they tell the truth?

I became convinced that what happened in the Bible really happened. At the same time, there was also this man Jesus. I didn't fully understand him. I still don't.

But Jesus promised life without death and I believed Jesus' promise. Jesus also said that there is one way to God, and Jesus himself shows the way. I believed Jesus' words.

I do not believe in a religion. Religion is an idea from people, not from God. I follow this man who is greater than a prophet.

We started the Zaza Mujde website to bring hope to all Zazas. The Zazas have a rich history and culture. May the Zazas be blessed!

From all of us here, there is a story like this. What is your story? Tell us at  [email protected]

May God be with you!